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Compost Screening and Tack for microsurfacing Empty Compost Screening and Tack for microsurfacing

on Wed May 15, 2019 7:52 pm


Couple things:
• I want to thank everyone for their input when questions are posed through SWAPS. Being newer to the group, I have found the info provided very beneficial and the responses to questions very timely.

• Who does the compost screening for your community or do you screen using your own manpower and equipment?

• Tack vs No Tack. Back in 2004, Baraboo had many streets overlaid with a 1-1.5” microsurface. Now 15 years later, we are seeing many of those microsurfaced street delaminating in large areas. We are considering milling clean edges and paving in the areas where the microsurface came off and are questioning how beneficial tack would be on what is going to be a 2-4 year repair. We have had a contractor recommend tack and a contractor that said it isn’t worth the cost. I look at it this way, the microsurface was applied 15 years ago and never tacked, and it held up for about 10 years (should’ve probably been replaced 5 years ago), so why would we tack now?

Again, thanks for the input and have a good day.

Thank you,
Tony Gilman
Street Superintendent – City of Baraboo
Office: 608.355.2738
Cell: 715.437.0999
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